2in1 sátorfűtés + tűzhely

19,990 Ft

Készleten (utánrendelhető)



 * For outdoor use in well ventilated areas

 * Compact and light to carry

 * Easy to use piezo ignition swtich system

 * Use standard butane gas cartridge for portability

 * Ceramic burner

 * Swivel body gives directional heat

 * Pressure sensing safety shut off device

 * Tough enamel coated finish, optional colors

 * Gas consumption 100gm/hr

 * Output 1.3KW

 * CE certificate

infared gas heater picture

Appliance Size: 305×265×195mm

Fuel: butane gas

Fuel consumption:100g/h

Rated: 1.3KW

Injector size: 0.48

Weight: 3.5 KG

Ignition: electronic piezo

gas infared heater informatin